Wednesday, October 13

Wacky Wednesday

My Wacky Wednesday Inspiration
Today's Wacky Wednesday is kind of an embarrassing story.  It all started last night.  Ryan is out of town and I had a CRHP gathering so I had our sitter come over and watch the kiddos while I enjoyed an amazing evening with my sisters. I returned home, paid the babysitter and proceeded to walk her out. I walked out first and she followed behind and shut the door, which we all would have done......however, the bottom lock was locked because we had a showing earlier that day and the person must have locked it because we NEVER do for this reason.  I WAS LOCKED OUT! It was 10:30pm and I had no way of getting back inside.  So I started banging on the boys bedroom door and I see C's little head pop up so our conversation goes something like this
Me, "C can you please wake up and come open the door?'
C, "Mom? Where are you?" 
Me, "Honey I am outside and I need you to come open the door." 
C, "OK" 
(he then opens his bedroom door and lays back down)
Me, "NO C I need you to wake up" bang bang bang on the window again (I am surprised the neighbors didn't come out)
Me, "I know honey but you have to come open the door" 
C proceeds to come to the door open it look at me and say, "Mom I am really tired and I am going back to bed"

Good news on the home selling front, we are on the short list for one buyer and another possible interested family is looming on the horizon! 

Also I go tomorrow for my pre-op appointment! SIX MORE DAYS!


  1. William locked me out of the house once and was too small to undo the lock. Thank goodness for the garage keypad!!! He was laughing at me when walked in the door!!

  2. haha so funny!!! and yay for things on the home front!