Tuesday, October 12

Top Two Tuesday

My very first Top Two Tuesday hosted by my friend Taylor @ http://www.theundomesticmomma.com/

Today it is Top Two favorite places in you house.  I love that my house is on the market right now, as hard as it is to keep it clean, it is always clean!  Please forgive my picture quality they are with my phone because I did want to get my big camera out. And I sort of have two and a half places I love......

1. My boys room.

I spent lots and lots of time painting this room and while the base coat for the walls scared me a bit, I think it turned out just like I wanted.  I haven't always picked the best colors for walls but I think I nailed this one.  I got the color scheme idea from the cross in the first picture. I was with my friend Allison and her Mom in Canton and we saw this cross and I had to have it and I built the room around it.  

1a. The kids closets.
C's side
R's closet
B's side
Ok so the picture's are really bad, but I LOVE my kids closet's I need to blog about their fall wardrobe because it is way better than mine has been or ever will be!


I love nothing more than eating dinner as a family.  Sometimes it's loud and crazy, food always ends up on the floor and someone is always in trouble for not eating or sitting still. All the crazy moments are what makes our family time my favorite. 

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  1. You know I love the boys room :) and did yall get a new dining room table??! It looks cute!

  2. i love the boys room too. so cute. i'm glad someone else is as excited as me about kids fall clothing..haha. there is so much cute stuff out now. do you like your table? i looked at something similar for upstairs. its not tall but has the wrap bench idea. how do you manage to do all you do and still blog? mine is so past due.

  3. thanks guys! We did get the new table and I love it! we can fit a lot of people and still strap b in safely. We got it at Ashley furniture and another bonus is the leather because it doesn't stain. I am not sure how I manage?? Some days are better than others!

  4. I love how you did the double shelves in the kid's closets! What a great idea!

    Popped over from Taylor's blog :)