Monday, October 11

Give Away...... Finally and Why I am a horrible blogger

Below I will list my give away and the details on how to win.

First of all.  Wow what a week. Of course I had the best of intentions of getting my give away posted on monday like I said, however life happens and well quite honestly I left the items in my daughters cubby at school. Did the person I got them from put them in there for me to get? Well, no but I put them in there while I was doing some stuff for the church and I forgot to go back to pick them up. How I have yet to be on the news for a major screw up I have no idea.
Let's see what else has happened last week.....Oh yeah we had a showing, except the people that made the appointment cancelled at the time of the showing.  So pretty much I did all the work of a showing without any result of an actual showing.  If anyone has had their house on the market you feel my pain.....add three kids and well it's a nightmare! Yesterday we had TWO showings!!!! Wahoo!
Oh yeah, I am sick OK WAS sick, I think after 10 days I am finally getting over it.  I just pray I can still have my surgery in a week.
And to and more to my week, I took my car to get inspected.....and it FAILED! My 07 Armada that I have had all of one year failed emissions because the check engine light decided to come on DURING THE TEST. My first time to get this car inspected and it failed. I was given 14 days to get if fixed and bring it back to try again. Here's the best part, I have gotten pulled over TWICE since then TWICE in less than 24 hours because my inspection is out. One of the cops is a cop that goes to our church and runs security, we know this man, however he acted like he didn't know me until my son says, "I know you, you go to the Holy Catholic Church" HAHA nice C. I think he was actually going to give me a ticket until C said that, fortunately it was only a written warning.  Ryan was able to take the car to the dealership Friday and we have had a loaner.  Saturday night Ryan and I finally had a date, it has been a few months. So, we go to leave and I cannot find the keys anywhere.  We all searched the entire house for about an hour.  Riley gave us the same story over and over about how she new they were in the toy box with the train tracks but we looked there several times and we never saw them. We went on our date then came home and continued our search until midnight.  We woke up early the next morning searched for about another hour and this time R and Ryan took out every piece of train track from the toy box and don't ya know they were there! We found them in time to get the house ready for our two showings and make it to church.

Now for the GIVE AWAY! 

My good friend Katie at
makes the most adorable blankets, bibs and Burb Cloths. She can do anything you need and her prices are amazing! She will have a booth at the Taste and See event at our church this weekend. These burp cloths are a $30 dollar value and Katie is also offering to monogram them as well.
To win:
1. Follow my blog
2. (Extra entry) Blog, Tweet or post on Facebook about the giveaway.

I will announce the winner Friday October 15th

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