Friday, October 1

Odds and Ends

Just a few things...

My first giveaway will be MONDAY! I am so excited because it is from one of my good friends and CRHP sisters who is so incredibly talented you will just love her stuff!

I love Fridays! Especially when it's an archangel mom's meeting.  I get a full helping of Grace and it helps me through the weekend! 

No looks on our house yet and no word from the "new house"  you can check out the home we are trying to see here: 
our current home listing

19 days until my surgery!!

C is in Karate and he is doing so well and it is showing in his attitude at home and at school. I was telling him how proud I am of him and how well he is listening and he replied, "I think it's my black belt attitude mom!" 

I had MooYah burger for the first time and it was FANTASTIC!

I bought the kids holiday outfits and I cannot wait until CHRISTMAS

Here is a link to what I bought.....I had gymbucks so i spent half of that
Christmas Outfits

I appologize for this post being a little all over the place, however lately I am feeling all over the place!!!

OH! Last but not least 

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