Monday, September 27

House for Sale......again.

This weekend we found our "not so dream home" in our "dream hometown" and the heavens have aligned and it is in our price range!  We have to move super fast and try for the third time to sell our house.  This time we are lowering the price considerably and I am praying very hard that it sells this time.   It is not perfect but it is in the PERFECT neighborhood, right in the middle of where we spend most of our time.  The school district is FANTASTIC and it also happens to be on my Mom's street!  We immediately would put new carpet in, new doors, and new paint. Our plans for the future include adding another 1000sqft, a circle drive, shutters,  and pretty much redo everything.  As I type I am getting so incredibly excited!  Here our some pictures from the "new house"

Ok it needs a TON of work

Did I mention it is on .5 acre! 
Living Room would need to be re-modeled in a big way

Another project, but it's also livable!


  1. It looks like you could do so much with it! Im excited for yall!!!

  2. Thats Mrs. Olge's old place! Definately love the neighborhood!!! But of course I am biased! =D

  3. Your family and you are going to be blessed with the decisions that the Man upstairs makes for you. He did with our house that we wanted in GA! I am so excited for you...painting party here we come. Love you

  4. nice neighborhood, i bet you would have some great neighbors!

  5. I like the arch doorway. Hope you get it.