Monday, April 2

Easter Pictures 2012 round one....

I say round one because I have to get more of see I knew it was going to be a bad shoot when we got there and I forgot the bumbo but whatever, I will get some of him on his own in the backyard.

I just came to type this post and I literally just said, "hold on, let me start the clothes....again." You know, that same load that was already washed and has to be re-washed because you never put them in the dryer....I can't be the only one who does this more times than I'd like to admit right? I digress.....

So Sunday was well, a nightmare, however I was too busy laughing to notice. Here are a few awesome ones, I will be making a video I think to document the rest of the pictures.

Bradford is scared of being outside, so he did a LOT of this...

Poor Elijah, he wasn't quite ready for this

This boy is a sweetie

Even when he is crying 

Most of the shoot was spent saying "CAMERON what are you doing???"

number three was crying I love this one but B wasn't in it



love the foot!

getting four to look and smile at once is REALLY HARD I will settle for 50%


75% and one cute baby


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