Tuesday, December 20

The truth is....

Going from three to four has been super smooth. At the risk of a jinx I hesitate to continue about how awesome things have been since Elijah has been here.  Of course there have been the occasional, toddler peeing on the floor, kitchen sink clogging up and my six year old somehow was seconds away from being cut out of his seatbelt (yes he got so tangled I had to completely undress him in the car to get him out....i digress).  All in all it hasn't been much different around here, in fact I would dare to say it's been better. So, when the random stranger tells me "you must be overwhelmed" I smile and say "with blessings" because
1. My kids all sleep, even the baby and they have all always slept.
2. B has been nothing short of amazing with his baby brother. It's funny how the things you worry about always seem to not matter in the end.
3. We went through an awful lot to get little Elijah. I am not sure if that make this all that much sweeter because every child is a miracle and a blessing but it sure feels that way.

Sure my daughter wrote her name on the wall and tried to say it wasn't her, and yes Elijah pooped and leaked on so many outfits at so many inappropriate times, and of course those are fingerprints on our flatscreen and well EVERYWHERE else.  But all those things, those things that would make a random stranger cringe remind us that our kids are alive and healthy and that is the greatest Christmas gift of all.....that and a new diaper bag ;) oh how my Christmas list has changed!

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