Saturday, May 14

One step forward two steps back.....and into poop

Lovely, can I push reset PLEASE! 

Friday I was having a nice conversation with my friend Sarah, and I (and Sarah) hear those dreaded words that separately are not powerful "mom" "Bradford" "pooped" "on" "my" "blanket". Together, well they immediately cause panic, chaos and gag reflex. Bradford found a way to take off a wet diaper and poop all over the boys room. I'm talking, monkey at the zoo here. On the bed, carpet, his beloved scout (now in the trash) and all over himself. What a way to start a day!

Continuing coverage of the day carries us to Riley's room where she was running fever and sick, sick, sick. She slept most of the day and as I was finishing up the laundry from the morning Bradford had managed again to take his diaper off and poop! This time, the target was the living room and thank goodness it was only on the couch (leather). Twice in one day, plus one sick kid, add the growing one in my belly and its a recipe for disaster.

Luckily MOTH came home for his lunch hour so I could go get Cameron and take a break from the "crap" that I was SICK of for the day! No, there are not pictures, other that the ones engraved in my brain forever.

Fortunately, lots of candles, cleaning and a deep carpet clean later you wouldn't know what happened. Unfortunately, our little princess is still sick :(.

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