Wednesday, March 23

Ummm Excuse me.....

I am already showing! What the heck I am 6 weeks! is that possible???? Maybe I am the first. Good grief I had to go to the maternity store yesterday because of course I got rid of EVERYTHING.  (We were done remember :) I go in and the girl asks me when I am due and I had to say November, that is forever away but boy do I feel better in my comfy pants and long shirts! I also got an adorable easter dress. I am not in the "modeling mood" ever really so don't expect cute style post. I will leave that to the other amazing ladies out there. For now I am comfortably hovering in that "is she or isn't she" pregnant stage.  


  1. i'm never in the modeling mood either....too much work ;)

  2. I don't know personally, but my sister started showing at 2 months with her 4th and ONE with her 5th! I think it is pretty normal from 4 on to show right away! EMBRACE IT!!!! :) :) :)

  3. I can't even imagine, that would just be crazy awesome!