Thursday, March 24

Dear Cameron, Riley, Bradford and Number Four

  Last week you were on spring break but we signed you up for karate camp and you went Monday through Friday for 8am-4pm.  I got a taste of what it will be like when you are in school and I was a bit sad. I sure did miss my little man.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that you are going to start kindergarten in the fall. Some days I think you are a third grader and others I catch you still being a little kid. You love to try and correct me and you say "actually mom its this." It drives me nuts but you are strong in your convictions and Mommy and Daddy are trying our best to raise you to use your leadership skills for good and not evil! You have started baseball and while I am not a fan you seem to love it and you cheer everyone on your team on so hard and congratulate them when they score a run. I love this about you. You are so positive and happy that you can't help but love everyone.  We haven't done a whole lot this month because of Bradford's surgery and infection but you don't seem to mind. You and Riley have really been getting along lately and can entertain yourself with your toys and imagination.

  Most of the time I think of you as a four year old, it's hard to believe you are still three. You are almost as tall as your brother and you certainly can "hang" with him. For now you fit right in as the middle child, playing with each of your brothers in your own special way. The other day daddy was telling you that your are going to be taller than him one day and you began to cry and say "but I still want to be your kid" ohhhhh so stinking cute. I love your heart. You are also VERY observant. Cameron doesn't notice other people most of the time, but not you. You look at people and notice everything about them.  This can be rather embarrassing, but Daddy and I are working hard to teach you that God made us all and although we ALL look different and come in different shapes and sizes HE made us and loves us all the same. Your imagination is astounding and your love for art is something I wish I had.

  Kiddo you gave us a scare after your surgery. You got an infection and wouldn't eat or drink.  We ended up back in the hospital a couple of times and you won't remember it but I won't forget it!  We went from thinking you had a blood infection which would require weeks in the hospital and a PIC line AND an abscess on your throat which would require surgery to none of that happening and you healing on your own (with the help of prayers too!)  You lost 3 1/2 pounds but you have bounced back and I would imagine you have gained most of that back three weeks later. Your little world is about to change and I know you will eventually love having a little brother or sister but right now you aren't thrilled. This morning I asked you if you wanted a brother or sister and you shook your head NO admittedly both times I asked.  You will be almost 3 when the new baby comes so we have a while to get you used to the idea.

Number 4,
 Oh number four. Our absolute miracle. We can say we loved you before you were born and we have the proof on video! I worry about things I shouldn't worry about (growing you till you are ready, another c-section, where you're going to sleep) but I certainly am not worried about having you here.  You are ours and we joyfully await your arrival. God is so amazing to allow us to have you. You are everything that we prayed for, with arms wide open all we know is everyday is filled with hope.

Cameron, Riley, Bradford, and Number 4 we love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy


  1. lovely letters.. each of them. and as for where number 4 sleeps.. that is still a mystery for us! ha!
    it's all good with 4, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride and blessings from above!