Wednesday, January 27

We are what?

What does it mean. Well to get there I need to first identify who I am as a person. I am a Christian, I am a Christian Woman, I am a Christian Woman who is a wife, I am a Christian woman who is a wife, and mommy, I am a Christian Woman who is a wife, and mommy who loves my ministry. Yes in everything I do, I am a Christian. My goal on this blog is to not judge, put Christ first and foremost and most of all be real. I hope to always tell it like it is and not "sugar coat" anything. I think its important to talk about the order in which I define myself. Christian that is is pretty clear although, I am fairly new in my faith. Being a wife second, I was a wife before my kids and I will be when they are grown and moved on so I feel it is important to be that before a mommy. My kids will know that I love and respect my husband and we are the center of our family. C, R and B will be talked about a lot but they are not the focus of this blog. I hope this blog can be a point of reference to Mother's who might struggle as I do with being wife, being a mommy and even being a Christian.
Many people say "we are so blessed" and yes God's grace is amazing he loves us when we are at our worst and let me say that as a wife and mommy there are times I feel as though I am at my worst quite often.

Our story begins when Ryan and I were 12, Ryan moved down from Oklahoma and we met at a party over the summer no big deal I actually thought he was loud and obnoxious but who isn't at 12. Long story short we begin dating when we were juniors in high school......jumping ahead went to different colleges and then I transfered to his OU and we were married in May of '04. Perfect, well not exactly. One of the interesting things that I have learned about marrying your High School Sweetheart is that it almost doesn't seem like you are the same person back then and the biggest challenge is moving the way we "argue" into today. What I mean by that is we fight like we are still in high school. The best thing aobut marrying your high school sweetheart is that there are no hidden secrets and we both know each other's "skeleton's"
When we got married we had the best plan to be married for five years and then start our family. We were going to travel, settle down buy a house and "oh the places we were going" That's where I think God really does have a sense of humor six months after we were married bam we were pregnant! And here's where the challange began, our plans derailed we began to scramble to figure out our new. Here we are three kids later and our biggest challenge today is facing the devil in our lives. He is relentless, always trying to infect our family and there are moments where he actually there I say "now what?"

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