Monday, April 16

Beautiful week, terrifying moments

As I previously stated my family and I were traveling to Norman, OK for my brother in laws (Ryan's brother) wedding.  We arrived Wednesday evening, enjoyed dinner and went to bed. Thursday morning I went with the girls to the bridal luncheon and enjoyed meeting all of Elyse's bridesmaids, family and hanging out with my sister in law. Thursday night we had the rehearsal and celebrated that night with a fantastic dinner hosted by my in laws. Everything was going so perfect, aside from the fact that my son was having a major migraine issue (more on that in another post).

Friday morning was proving to be no different, in fact for me especially it was very special because Ryan's family surprised me at breakfast to celebrate my 30th birthday. Then mention of storms was light because for the most part we were expecting them Saturday and not Friday. We went about our day, taking the kids swimming and then Ryan took Cameron with him and I was to meet Ryan's Mom at his brother's house with Riley so she could get ready with the girls (Riley, Cameron and Ryan were in the wedding).  I arrived at Ryan's brother's house when I received a quick call from Ryan saying "hey make sure you keep an eye on the weather"

I ALWAYS keep an eye on the weather, every since I was a terrified kid I always knew the forecast because I was so scared of storms. For me learning everything I could about weather was important so that I could be prepared and not rely on anyones prediction. I even went as far as going storm chasing with my brother in law and Ryan....yes my brother in law that was married Friday night.

So back to the day..... when Ryan said to keep an eye on things I kept trying to check my phone but it wasn't updating in the house so I decided to head back to the hotel and on my way I was wanting to stop and get shoes for the wedding THAT NIGHT! I always am leaving everything I need till the last minute, so of course I still needed shoes.  As I am leaving I made a smart comment to Ryan's sister about how it didn't look bad, honestly IT DIDN'T. As I am driving back to the hotel with B and E (3 and 5months) I was able to update the radar and sure enough there was a nasty looking cell but it was only at a thunderstorm warning and it looked like it was going to miss us, or graze us and continue north. As I am driving down Lindsey st (the street that OU is on) I really wasn't comfortable with how things were looking in the sky so I decided that I didn't need shoes that bad and headed straight back to the hotel. IT TOOK FOREVER! A fifteen minute trip took 30 because it was a Friday afternoon on a college campus. I get on 35 N and I start hustling because the sky was looking crazy scary at this point but there wasn't any rain yet and at that time the worst I was thinking was hail.

clear wall cloud right were I was. This is Ryan's Dad's picture from the church where they we all getting ready....and trying to find me!

As I am exiting the rain started so badly that I couldn't hardly see and the wind turned CRAZY. I get to my hotel and park under the easement expecting to drop the boys at the front and park the car.....however as soon as I got out I hear sirens and see IT a TORNADO crossing the hwy headed right were I had just driven. I quickly grab the boys and ran inside where the workers took me to the safe spot. What a terrifying few seconds.  All I could think was "Thank GOD I didn't get shoes and I left when I did". Things could have been so much different, BAD different. The storm was reportedly on main street and 35 headed east and we were just north of main on the west side of 35. When I saw the tornado it must have been crossing 35 at Lindsey....remember I mentioned I had been driving on Lindsey!!! I had left my phone in my car and so I had to wait until we got the all clear to go back to our rooms but it didn't matter anyway because when I got my phone I couldn't get through anyway. About an hour later I talked to Ryan and let him know I was safe. He knew I was out in it because I called him when I left his brothers house and we talked about how it looked like things were going to miss us. I lost it after I talked to him! Up until that point I was so strong and brave but afterwards I was a mess. I packed up and headed straight to the church.

Of course the wedding went off without a hitch (haha well there were hitches but my mother in law handled it all so well) you could not tell that a major ef2 tornado had just gone through town and destroyed lots of things, INCLUDING....taking the windows out of the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner the night before!!!! Needless to say I absolutely failed taking pictures the rest of the night because I was so shaken but I have a few for memories sake!  Thank God everyone was OK and that I DIDN'T GET SHOES!!!!


  1. The pictures are great and I'm so glad everyone is ok!

  2. Glad y'all are ok! Scary! Pretty wedding pictures.

  3. Oh my! Great pics. Y'all have some busy guardian angels!
    Kathy S