Tuesday, March 27

All the kids at 3 months

I thought this was interesting so I wanted to document it.  Here are the things I notice. 

The top two pictures are Cameron and Bradford. They look VERY similar to me, especially the nose. 

The bottom two are Elijah and Riley. These two look so much alike to me......especially the nose! 

It is so funny to me how kids can be from the same parents and look so different. 

I don't see a whole lot of similarities in the top two and bottom two. 

The top two have circle faces and the bottom have oval shaped faces.  

The top two do not have a widows peek and the bottom two do. 

Elijah and Bradford do have the same eye color but they are the only ones. 

Bradford had the most hair at three months and out weighed the other three by two pounds at least.

I encourage you to try this if you have more than one kid, it was a lot of fun and a walk down memory lane.

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