Monday, March 21

Surrounded by LOVE

It is so nice to have such amazing support. We have hundreds of people praying for us and I truly believe that is what got us where we are today. To know that everyone around you is praying and in support of the decisions we have made to get us to this point is overwhelming.   While it is early we Ryan couldn't wait to tell the world and at first I didn't think this was a good idea until I thought about the power of prayer. It makes sense to tell our family and our church family (and through this blog and facebook a small population of the world).  We have lots of people praying for this new live and that alone is enough to make me feel safe.  I trust in God's plan for us and He is in control of this little family.  Ryan told me this story about a Catholic mom he heard on the radio.  She has 8 kids and she gets the usual comments that those with more than one kid seem to get these days.  Here response is "We are not raising them for this world, we are raising them for his kingdom" BAM! haha take that! I love that one because it's so true.

If you missed the most amazing announcement ever you can see it here 

With my new Atrix I have been filming a ton, so of course we filmed telling the kids the news.  It's pretty funny.


  1. Hilarious! Can we name him Billy? No. Lol!

  2. Cracks me up! Billy? Riley? All great names! Such adorable kids!!!!!

  3. I think you should combine C's suggestions, Billy Bob!