Wednesday, January 26

Dear C, R and B

I think I am supposed to be writing to you guys so that one day you can look back on all the cool stuff you did and said.  The problem with that is C you are 5 and I haven't been doing this oops!  It seems like as the oldest you get the short end of the stick a lot and for most families it's the opposite.  I think it's because Mommy and Daddy are like a fine wine, we get better with age.  So, the good news for you is that we can only get better right?  I always joke with people and tell them that the reason B is taking a little longer to talk is that we are such good parents now and we know every thing he needs.  Poor C were talking at 9 months and I mean TALKING, you had to because we had no idea what you needed or wanted half the time :) All that being said here are my letters to you guys for the month of January 2011.

Dear C,
  You are our biggest challange but our greatest joy these days. Your personality is constantly shining and to everyone you meet you can instantly charm them with your good looks (daddy) and awesome charm (mommy).  Some days are way better than others and last week was a big turning point for us as a family.   You were testing mommy and daddy every night at bedtime and one particular night was rough.  After two hours of fighting with you to go to bed we came up with a weekly expectations sheet and you came up with your own (with the help of mommy).  We picked five things to work on and although you weren't perfect you exceeded our expectations.  Through this we all learned that you are a boy that thrives on a challenge and loves to see your progress.  I learned to be a better Mommy when dealing with you and I can't believe how our relationship grew this week.
 We are doing every thing we can to get you into the right school.  Our house is for sale so that we can move to a place where the schools are amazing.  Mommy and Daddy want the absolute best for all of you and we are praying everyday that we can give you all of the same opportunities as we had.  2011 is going to be a big year for you and we are right here cheering you on and teaching you everything we can about becoming a christian man.

Dear R,
  My only daughter, you are the absolute light of my life.  My little mini me. My favorite times are doing your hair in the bathroom when its just you and I.  I always tell you I can't believe how beautiful you are as I put your hair up and stick that bow in.  Lately I have been telling you how sweet and kind you are and I can't believe we have a little girl with such a sweet soul.  Today you replied, "and I am pretty too, right mommy?" and of course I said yes but what makes you beautiful is your heart .....and of course that smile.  Everyone calls you Smiley Riley because while yes it also fits you perfectly.  This month you have shown an absolute love for art.  Daddy had a blast spending time with you at the art museum and I am the beneficiary of so many Riley originals.

Dear B,
 B-man, little B, punkin eater, I love, love, love the time I get to spend with you.  I can take you anywhere and you are always PERFECT! So often you and I spend the day together and you just smile and laugh with me as we run errands. Lately you have become a bit of a pistol.  You love to turn off the T.V and the "big kids" get so mad, you also have made a big switch to a toddler bed.  The toddler bed trasition period has it's good days and it's bad days but soon I just know you will be just fine.  You are starting to talk and I just know soon your vocabulary is going to explode and I can't wait.  So many times you look at me like you want to talk so bad. You had your first good hair cut experience and I hope it leads to easier visits to the barber.  We are getting ready for your big second birthday, although I am sad that my baby is growing, I am so happy for you little b-man.



  1. You have adorable children!
    I love the idea of writing letters to them!

  2. This is such a good idea. I *have* to remember this when I have kids!